There has been much speculation about the death of Prince.  I will refrain from offering any opinion on how he died, since the facts presented are few.   I have only read second-hand accounts of his last days alive.  The image of him dying alone and hearing that he was battling pain saddens me.  

 I  appreciated his musical abilities along with his devotion to writing and producing his own work.  Like a prophet, he warned artists passionately to own their music.  To hear that he has written enough music to last decades is inspiring.  He won his name and music back from the record company and didn’t seem to care what people thought.  That is freedom.  Living in fear of what man might do to you is a form of death.  When we become free, death is not something you fear.  You know that it is inevitable.

How he died will be discussed for years, just like others who had battles with powerful people.  We may never know the real cause.  Speculation and opinions are all we have.  We are fed information through various forms of media and left to think and decide for ourselves what we believe is truth.  What we can do is learn from those who have mastered their art and use it to help others.

A free thinker is what I like to call myself.  One who receives information, thinks and processes truth then tosses out the garbage.   I am the daughter of Pentecostal preacher who later became a Pastor of a traditional Baptist church.   My dad was a reader of many different points of view and he encouraged me and my siblings to read and keep up with world affairs. It is that upbringing that causes me not to believe what I am spoon fed.

Free thinkers are not popular, but we cannot be silent.  My pen is my life, I suffocate without it.  My struggle has been which story to tell.  The breakthrough is accepting that there are many.